About Battleground VA – Making history, one blog post at a time

“Battlegroundva.com is my one trusted source for data-driven analysis of Virginia politics that puts the pieces together in a context that honors Virginia’s rich history and rapidly changing present.” – My mother-in-law (who lives in New York City)

After spending countless hours volunteering in NoVa during the 2016 campaign and poring over data from past elections, the time has come to share these ideas with the broader world. Hence, the birth of battlegroundva.com. My mother-in-law’s “quote” above captures the ambitions of this nascent blog.

  1. Dig a bit deeper – VA politics are fascinating and in constant flux with statewide elections every year. Battlegroundva.com aspires to take a step back to examine the issues of the moment with the benefit of more in-depth analysis of existing electoral data and Virginia’s political history.
  2. Assert facts and be honest – Battlegroundva.com aspires to keep its analyses firmly grounded in demonstrable reality while acknowledging its authors’ biases (#CenterLeft4Life) and keeping an open ear to differing opinions. We call it as we see it and will do so unapologetically, but will always usher solid evidence when we make claims and would love to hear from you when we’ve erred in our ways.
  3. Facilitate dialogue – Most, if not all, VA politics blogs are explicitly partisan – catering to an audience that hangs out on their side of the aisle. Battlegroundva.com aspires to provide a forum for the exchange of ideas from across the political spectrum (e.g. guest posts from Republican and Democratic officials, community organizers, voters, PACs, SuperPACs, etc.). We are under no illusion that this website will single-handedly forge a new era of bipartisan kumbaya-ness in VA, but we do hold out hope that we can be a bit more than a voice in our respective partisan echo chamber.