How to Have Fun at Palace Station Hotel and Casino Pool

Whether you’re a die-hard casino enthusiast or just a regular guy who likes to have fun at the casino, Palace Station Hotel and Casino Pool are the place for you. Located in Orlando, Florida, this resort offers a number of things to do and you will surely find something fun and entertaining for you and your family.

palace station hotel and casino pool

The casino has different themes depending on your preference. For example, there are four different casinos that can be enjoyed by all types of people – gamblers, casual gamblers, casino students and VIP casino patrons. You can enjoy the thrill of gambling or getting your hands on some of the more valuable casino chips and coins.

While staying at the normal casino room, you will find the casino’s staff nice and courteous. While the staff is generally friendly, it is recommended that you do not try to bribe them. You can always ask about the rules and regulations they are bound to follow if you are wondering about what they can or cannot do.

Palace Station also offers a number of activities, which are truly enjoyable for all age groups. These include swimming laps in the swimming pool, going for a relaxing walk along the beach, playing tennis and soccer or trying out the watersports at the spa.

Different areas of the resort provide different types of entertainment and have different levels of difficulty. So, if you prefer an easy and quick night’s sleep, then perhaps the lounge at the pool area would be for you.

Other things to do at the hotel are golf lessons, who can forget being treated to the Royal Palms Spa. Be sure to visit their tennis room and, in case you like, practice with the professional player at the Florida Club.

If you want a resort in Orlando that offers a lot to do while on vacation, then Palace Station is definitely the one for you. Not only will you find activities for kids, but you can also enjoy the usual casino games that you know and love, plus something special for the adult gambler, as well.