Palace Station Hotel and Casino Shuttle Service

palace station hotel and casino shuttle

Palace Station Hotel and Casino Shuttle Service

What can you do on your trip to Tampa and the Palace Station Hotel and Casino? First of all, it’s recommended that you stay in one of the hotels on the corner of Donald Ross Boulevard and Rose Avenue. These hotels have two-level concierge service and 24-hour front desk assistance. This is the only one with direct access to the casino floor.

If you plan to visit the casino during business hours, you will have to use the elevator that you get to use during lunch. It will take you up to the second floor of the hotel. You will want to grab the shuttle that will pick you up from this hotel. You won’t want to get lost trying to find your way into the casino.

As you are planning your trip, you should be aware that some buses will arrive at the Plaza that will run down the street and will be unloading and loading passengers onto their buses. Some buses will be leaving from inside the hotel, so that may also be an option for you. You can ask the concierge at the hotel if they know about any transportation that may be available that will help you with getting to and from the casino. Also, there is no direct shuttle to the casino from the hotel. If you wish to go directly to the casino floor, you must go to the door at the intersection of Donald Ross Boulevard and Rose Avenue.

If you decide to take the casino shuttle service from the Plaza, you will want to walk or get a ride with other people, even if you are carrying items like luggage. The casino shuttle driver will drop you off in front of the hotel and walk you through the lobby. Then you must go to the entrance to the plaza, where you will board a shuttle and then travel up to the casino floor.

When you arrive at the entrance, you must take a lift down to the access level. Here, you will be standing in front of the reception desk, which is the closest you will ever be to the casino floor. You can’t even see it through the glass wall as it’s down in the back.

This elevator is well-maintained and the two-level concierge service has attendants who will be standing around waiting for you to exit. You may want to bring some clothing and maybe some snacks. These lifts only operate from 4:00 am to 5:00 am.

Just remember that some casinos offer their own casino shuttle service, so if you need to travel within the city, you will want to check with them first. However, if you plan to spend a lot of time at the casino, you will be better off taking a casino shuttle service rather than renting a car and driving yourself.